Mice Pest Control

House mice are small grey rodents with a body length range between 7 and 10cms, with its tail length approximately equal length to its body. Its long tail often leading people to mistake it for the young of the brown rat but its large eyes and ears set it apart. It prefers to live in sub floor spaces and cavities but is an excellent climber. Their food preference being cereal and they have the added ability to extract all their fluid requirements from their food allowing survival without a water source. They are nocturnal animals and extremely active between dusk and dawn when they can be heard scurrying under floors and within cavities. House mice breed year round, with the female mouse having a gestation period of around 21 days after which she will usually give birth to a litter between five and ten. The female can reproduce up to 8 times yearly with the young reaching sexual maturity at around the 8 week mark. Meaning mouse population can explode should good habitat be available.  

Common signs of mouse infestation