Bee Pest Control

There are more than 250 bee species in the UK, closely related to ants and wasps they along with other insects carry out the essential pollination of our crops and flowers. Some are solitary and not known for causing issues whilst others gather in large colonies near to humans and our pets. Typically, but not exclusively it is the bumble bee that causes problems as they make large nests in the gardens, outbuildings and wall cavities of our homes. In some instances, bees can become pests and as well as posing a sting threat they can construct extensive nests. Their nests can cause issues to the structural integrity of our homes and other buildings which can be compounded by other bee colonies re-populating and extending bee nest sites in successive years. On these occasions and when there is significant risk of stinging then pest control measures and possibly future proofing methods may be necessary to prevent bee re-infestation. When these conditions are met, we provide efficient non-judgemental and legal control methods.

Common signs of bee infestation