Flies Pest Control

There are many species of fly in the UK with some but not all carrying pathogens which are transferable to humans. The most common of these are the common housefly and blowflies which include Bluebottles and Greenbottles. The pathogenic organisms these flies carry from faeces and the decaying organic matter on which they crawl represent a significant public health risk as they transfer E.coli and Salmonella to us. The Common Cluster Fly is a nuisance pest rather than a significant health threat as the adult fly feeds on pollen & nectar. These are sometimes called the Attic Fly and large numbers of them are commonly found in loft spaces or within wall cavities as they head indoors to overwinter as the weather cools. Rural properties or properties near large expanses of grassland can often experience recurring infestations when access points are available.

Common signs of fly infestation